VTEC’s Food Services program is designed to introduce students to the many aspects of the Food Services industry. Students will work as part of a team in a real working bakery. You’ll learn firsthand how to create a variety of baked goods and treats right alongside other students. Each student will be provided their own uniform, footwear, and textbook full of the latest information on the industry.

Here is a small sample of what you can learn in our twelve-week program:

• Food Preparation
• Food Handling Safety
• Packaging and Assembly
• Sales and Cash Register Operation
• CPR and First Aid

In today’s job market, having the right skills is only one aspect of success. Not only will you learn skills needed for Food Services, but you will also learn the professional and personal skills you need to pursue a job in your chosen field.

• Interview Skills
• Time Management
• Personal Budgeting
• Creative Problem Solving
• How to Write a Professional Resume
• Decision Making
• Conflict Resolution