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Do you ever wonder how items like food, video games, or sporting goods find their way to the shelves in your favorite stores? Have you ever wanted to help people find exactly the product they are looking for? Who gets to organize all these retail spaces, and where exactly do all these products come from? What about products that are ordered over the phone or the internet?

There are lots of elements that need to come together for a great customer experience. Retailers understand this and build teams of helpful individuals to meet the needs of their customers. These team members get to learn all kinds of ways to help their customers, and there are many different roles for these team members to explore.

If you want to know how retailers create the ultimate customer experience, the VTEC Retail Services program is for you!

VTEC places a premium on hands-on learning. In addition to learning concepts in a classroom setting, students participate in our real operating storefront as part of their classroom experience. Here, students learn the skills needed to take excellent care of their customers, whether they shop in our showroom or order online. Our instructors will be there every step of the way, making sure students understand the key concepts that make a successful Retail Services team member!

Here is a small sample of what you can learn in our twelve-week program:

• Customer Service
• Inventory Control
• Order Fulfillment
• Sales and Cash Register Operation
• CPR and First Aid

In today’s job market, having the right skills is only one aspect of success.  Not only will you learn skills needed for Retail Services, but you will also learn the professional and personal skills you need to pursue a job in your chosen field.

• Interview Skills
• Time Management
• Personal Budgeting
• Creative Problem Solving
• How to Write a Professional Resume
• Decision Making
• Conflict Resolution


Students will be awarded a certificate of skills mastery upon completion of the course. This certificate lets employers know that you have the skills needed to excel. Students will also earn certification in CPR and basic first aid!

Opportunity Awaits

At VTEC, we connect education and opportunity—giving our students the best chance for success! After completing your course, we can get you in touch with employers looking for qualified individuals just like you!

How to Get Started

Now that you know what the Retail Services program at VTEC is all about, it is time to take the next step! Just click the “More Information” button to get in touch with our staff. Enrolling in VTEC is easy, and in many cases, our students qualify for tuition assistance to get them on the fast track to their future! We may even have transportation options available in your area! So don’t wait. Click below to get in touch with our staff today!

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